Secret Vienna
Discovering hidden treasures and lesser-known facts of this amazing city

Do you like good stories?

We have many more stories to tell you and our book is now available! Do you want to know how coffee came to Vienna or why so many events took place in one Viennese square? What happened the summer of 1450? Do you like a good drinking story? Would you like to be part of Falco's 30th birthday party? Read how legend and history go hand in hand in a city which is at least 2,000 year old and was at the center of it all for a very long time.  Do you live far away and you think that Vienna did not influence your city, your country or way of life? Well, think again. Vienna has a very far reach.

Book presentation

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Where can I buy the book?

You can order it on several national Amazon platforms and here as well: paperback edition  and Kindle/digital edition

You can also order it at: Create Space

In Vienna you can find the book at: 

Shakespeare & Company, Sterngasse 2 - 1010

ANTIQUARIAT.WIEN, Prinz Eugen Strasse 16 - 1040

TYROLIA BUCH WIEN, Stephansplatz 5 - 1010

Hotel Altwienrhof Wien, Herklotzgasse 6 - 1150