About us
  Yes. It is also about the ego boost, don't you think?
    Secret Vienna Founder

  • Name: Fabio Massimo Aromatici
  • Born in Terni, Italy (seasoned in Milan)
  • In Vienna since 2016
  • Occupation: writer & digital influencer
  • Favorite place: Ruprechtskirche
          Secret Vienna Explorer in Chief

  • Name: Michael Brandl
  • Born in Vienna, Austria (where else?)
  • In Vienna since 1956
  • Occupation: employed technician & Lego Master
  • Favorite place: Crypt of Franziskanerkirche
  • Secret Vienna Resident Artist
    • Name: Roland Hussl
    • Born in Klagenfurt (raised in Texas)
    • In Vienna since 2013
    • Occupation: enterpreneuer & designer
    • Favorite place: Virgilkapelle

             Secret Vienna Editor in Chief

    • Name: Kristine Schimanszky
    • Born in Tucson, Arizona, USA
    • In Vienna since 2004 ( for love! )
    • Occupation: Astrology, reading & exploring
    • Favorite place: Schönbrunn Palace & grounds
    Secret Vienna Historian

    • Name: Peter Vijverman
    • Born in Aalst , Oost-Vlaanderen ,Belgium
    • In Vienna since 1984 (more than 60 visits)
    • Occupation: Department of Justice
    • Favorite place: western hidden balcony of der Steffl

    Secret Vienna Undercover Explorer

    • Code name: Christian
    • Born in a location far far away 
    • In Vienna since college (half of his life)
    • Occupation: something with energy
    • Favorite places: courtyards and long gone buildings  

    How can I join Secret Vienna ?

    It is actually easier than you think because the basic requirement is your love for the city of Vienna. Some free time and enthusiasm are helpful as well. There are online and offline activites waiting for you : tours (licensed guides only), live quiz events, artistical performances, photography and most of all stories and secrets to be discovered and reported to our many Secret Vienna Explorers. One more thing: other than for the tour guides, for the time being it is all for the greater glory of Vienna and of this community. No money, sorry, but if you have a talent for business and some ideas on how to turn all of this into a profitable company, you are welcome to join us !

    Secret Vienna Official Lens

    • Name: Viktoriya Arnaudova
    • Born in Sofia, Bulgaria
    • In Vienna since 2015
    • Occupation: Visual Arts, hotel services
    • Favorite place: Volksoper Garten

    Secret Vienna Resident

    • Name: Carmen Gruber
    • Born: in Styria, raised in Michigan (USA)
    • In Vienna since: 2008
    • Occupation: Researcher and Lecturer
    • Favorite place: Neustift am Walde