Websites/Facebook pages on Vienna

Not every website/Facebook page on Vienna is interesting to us. If it is mainstream you can find them easily elsewhere.

These are somewhat special for us:

Viennese legends   10 things you should know about Vienna   Vienna's 10 best kept secrets   Vienna's little details 

Grumpy Traveller - Vienna's secret city guide   My little Vienna   Cultural Vienna with Kam   Vienna Photo Walk

Secret Vienna's picture of the month

We really like the style of Charlie Schwarz so it was very difficult to choose just one of her pictures. The Urania is a non-mainstream landmark of Vienna, therefore we preferred it to others. Her motto comes from Japan: "It is not important to be better than everyone else. It is important to be better than you were yesterday!" Your pictures are better and better every day Charlie. Congrats!

Secret Vienna's location of the month

A structure buried for centuries and then forgotten. A place which reminds us of Knight Templars, rituals and a long-lost time. This is by no comparison the most relevant witness we have left of medieval Vienna. A must see for 5 Euros. Just read something about it BEFORE visiting to make the most out of your experience.

Video by: Tereza Kráčmarová