What can I do that other people usually don't and what is the SVS ?

We all want to feel special and do something that others don't but we end up doing the same things because it takes time, efforts and courage not to do so. Here are our tips, intentionally not too extreme but different, especially if you come to visit Vienna only for a few days. There are obviously a lot more alternative solutions but all in due time. Rest assured of one thing: we have been to each of them and found them worthy in different ways. Now it is up to you! For your help we created the Secret Vienna Scale (SVS) . From 1 (most touristy)  to 23 (most Secret Vienna). It doesn't mean that one is better than the other, it is totally up to you to assess that. Why 23? How many districts (Berzirke) does Vienna have?

Movies & Vienna

There are so many movies where Vienna is the main location and many where the city is also a protagonist. The list is long but we prefer to give you some hints through our story published by LOST iN: Vienna via Hollywood

Become a Secret Vienna Explorer !

Vienna is complicated and secrets are well hidden. Be out there on the look and let us know. Here are some hints for you published by The Local AT.  Take a picture, find a story. Get the facts!  Please write at secretvienna@secretvienna.org or use the contact form in the contacts page and let us know. Danke!